About DevelopmentConnect

Development Connect is an international company limited with Dutch founding directors and a network of consultants and partners around the world residing in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and Europe and covering a wide scope of technical fields.

Commercial (Public-Private) Water Service Delivery in Africa

The Africa Water Vision 2025 adopted by African governments, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development and the African Union is Africa’s overarching policy framework.

Action For Happiness: It Is Cool To Do Good!

When we're kind to people we know it strengthens our connections with them and provides a source of support.

Managing for Results/Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Capacities

The public and private sector are under intense pressure to achieve results and demonstrate them to a variety of constituencies, including citizens, development partners, donors and other stakeholders. Citizens are calling for increased transparency and accountability for how priorities are defined, funds allocated, and results reported, all while demanding to be part of the process. [...]

Gender Capacities

Development Connect (co-)designed several gender assessment methodologies for different contexts (public private partnership, violence against women, (livestock, commodity) value chain) which have been applied across the world over the years.

Violence Against Women Prevention

Development Connect has vast experience in developing and overseeing (joint UN-led) programs on violence against women (VAW) prevention programs, influencing policies working with regional and local networks and leaders, and designing and managing multi-country research initiatives using a combination of quantitative, qualitative and political analysis methodologies.

Recognizing Gender In Climate-smart Agricultural Practices

The rationale for considering gender mainstreaming in agricultural programs relates to agricultural productivity, food security, nutrition, poverty reduction, and empowerment.

Gender Equality And Empowering of Women And Girls

Advancing women’s political participation, leadership and economic empowerment are central to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5.

Costing Shorter-Term And Longer-Term Capacity Development Responses

Costing a capacity development response is critical since it encourages stakeholders to realistically estimate the funding required for implementation.

Capacity Assessments

Development Connect developed and applied numerous global capacity assessment methodologies across service delivery sectors and value chains (which mainstream topics like gender, climate change, nutrition, partnerships) around required capacities for new program design, project implementation, and uptake of specific strategies generated by development programs, the public or private sector. The assessments establish a capacity baseline, [...]

Pro-poor Service Delivery Through Public-Private (Community) Partnerships

Globally, there has been increasingly a move towards decentralization and devolution of responsibilities to local levels of government.