Development Connect is an international company limited with Dutch founding directors and a network of consultants and partners around the world residing in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and Europe and covering a wide scope of technical fields.

Development Connect is a value-driven company, guided by the ambition to contribute to a more equal and secure world, in which human dignity and our environment are both respected and protected. We demonstrate this commitment and promote these values in everything that we undertake.

Development Connect provides Business, Policy, Programming and Implementation Consultancy Services in Sustainable Development worldwide and aims to support the public and private sectors to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Both the public and private sectors have critical roles to play in helping to deliver on the SDGs. By developing better understanding and proactively addressing the SDGs, inclusive business solutions, partnerships, and capacity development initiatives can deliver both business and societal value. Development Connect provides a platform for catalysing joint action, gaining greater insights, and creating an environment that is more conducive to scaling identified solutions.

Drawing on its pool of knowledge and competencies, tailor-made and client-oriented assistance will be provided. We often combine the expertise of several specialists in one assignment and team (local) senior and junior advisors for greater learning and impact. Development Connect is therewith able to provide context-specific (advisory) services in the areas of Organisational Transformation, (pro-poor) Public-Private Partnerships, (Rural) Agricultural Value Chain Development, Gender, Green Economy, Capacity Development, Inclusive Business Promotion, Private Sector Development, Learning and Knowledge Capture and Sharing, as well as Executive Coaching and Change Management.

Development Connect, in its strategy, already set out to create national staff posts for Kenyans at the onset, out of which the majority will be women. We have set targets and a projection for the first 12/24 months of business operations. We shall take undertake intensive capacity development investment and coaching on the job training of our national staff with a view to empowering them in our service line areas. We will strive to hire professional staff to ensure we deliver  high level quality services and product but we will be firm on our approach to peer up  and mentor junior, young,  relative inexperienced, but eager to learn, staff and (sub-) contractors.


Development Connect will ensure that organizations and companies aspiring to be engines of economic growth and employment and sources of technology and innovation are enabled to better manage risks, anticipate consumer demands, secure access to resources, differentiate themselves from competitors, and strengthen (agricultural) value chains. These organizations and companies will be better able to deal with complicated issues encountered on a daily basis and better equipped to face future challenges.

Development Connect aims to be a bridge between communities of policy makers, researchers, practitioners, the private sector and civil society by providing practical advisory services towards “smarter” strategizing, policing, programming and implementation at the national and local levels to achieve the SDGs remaining true to the integrated nature of the 2030 Agenda.

Getting to operational clarity on the “how”, how country stakeholders can develop capacities, improving institutional structures and arrangements that facilitate inter-sectoral coordination for policy coherence and integrated planning and resource allocation based on data and evidence, how they can support each other in doing so, and how partners can support them, is vital but less straightforward, particular in countries with less developed social, institutional and political institutions that can underpin what is an increasingly complex set of tasks that reaches beyond narrow technocratic quick fixes. And that is where Development Connect can assist.

Owing to the high connectedness among the 17 SDGs and Themes, and that many significant actors have a stake in this agenda, capacities for connecting/collaboration are required.

This is a huge agenda in any country. Add to this that the concept of sustainable development is not and cannot be narrowly defined, it is a vision that will be constructed over the decades to come. That is also the case for the capacities required making the vision a reality, as well as adaptability to new opportunities paired with resilience to shocks and crises.

Sustainable development

Connecting capacities will be required because sustainable development involves connecting strands between disciplinary boundaries, social, economic, environmental, and across spaces, political, cultural and individual. Connecting across actors too will be important, national governments, scientific and research communities, urban authorities, local governments, private sector and civil society, and various combinations of these.

Sustainable development implies extending the horizon of policy-making and planning beyond short-term political cycles; adopting an inclusive approach which harnesses and strengthens the capacities of the private and public sector and non-state actors; aligning incentives and correcting market-failures; generating win-win solutions; fostering social, managerial and technological innovations; and scaling up solutions. And the list is not exhaustive.

We will stand with the poor and marginalized at all costs, working with development partners, governments and businesses to increase accountability, transparency and to develop capacities to gather, process, and use evidence-based monitoring and review data to strengthen design, implementation and impact of SDG related interventions, decision making, reporting and learning, encouraging leadership with integrity from the heart.

The services we offer include applied (and new) research, contextual analyses, organizational / institutional assessments, policy/strategy / development planning, program design, monitoring and evaluation, knowledge capturing, training on sustainable development issues (green economy) and trouble-shooting of program challenges as they come up.

We employ context-, conflict-, gender- and age-sensitive approaches and strive for the broadest possible participation of stakeholders, beneficiaries and (possible) members of affected communities. Our services are tailor-made and designed in close consultation with our clients, thus providing great flexibility while delivering timely, high-quality and cost-effective services, with a clear focus on end results.

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