Since early 2017, Development Connect, represented by its director Diana Brandes, works together with The Agricultural Business Initiative Trust (aBi), a multi-donor entity, a Corporate Business, that is one of the components of the U-Growth programme aimed at supporting private sector in achieving the objective of the government of Uganda’s Competitiveness and Investment Climate Strategy.

Diana works closely together with aBi’s senior management, the board (of trustees, directors) and government, dealing with the above, briefly explained, complex governance and business structure, to develop clear process descriptions and workflow information between aBi’s Finance and aBi Trust Governance, Corporate Operations, HR, Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Risks and Compliance, Grant, Investment and Fund Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, Communication and ICT functions to ensure that operations are following a clear path, where there are no deviations in the process and where audit trails are clear and reconcilable with having manuals in place and approved procedures.

The different guidelines and procedures developed support the realization of Agribusiness objectives of the Government of Uganda tempering the development imperative with aBi’s agricultural enterprise development and business objectives to ensure integrity, transparency and accountability in programming, project grant disbursement implementation, monitoring, learning and evaluation leveraging to strengthen procurement, risk, compliance and finance and fund management capacity. The key purpose of all governance policies/manual is to provide guidance in national implementation modalities and also addresses the capacity development imperative, partner engagement, programming and project processes, human resource management to scale aBi’s provision of both financing and technical support in selected agricultural value chains and offerings on more integrated approaches on value chain development.

The aBi Trust is jointly founded by the Governments of Denmark and Uganda. Other Development Partners include USAID, EU, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands Embassy, UKAid, and KfW.

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Both Development Connect directors have vast experiences in Governance related assignments having worked with and managed programs for several different UN agencies globally as well as the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia. Please visit their LinkedIn profiles via the icons on top of the web portal to learn more.